We @Alpha Shoppers are dedicated to getting the best, most relevant deals online for our users to enjoy. We achieve that by combining our systems’ infrastructure and sophisticated data search to deliver the most relevant shopping experience. All of this is embedded into the slick NewTab / Start page you’re seeing.

Our number one mission is for you to quit searching the web for deals and offers every time. We will make sure that the deals you’re looking for find you!

The Alpha Shoppers home page includes:

  • ✔ Search for your convenience
  • ✔ Quick links to the top on-line coupons providers
  • ✔ Quick links to the top on-line cash-back providers
  • ✔ Latest visited shopping websites, comfortably available
  • ✔ Major shopping retailers quickly accessible through Alpha Shoppers’s beautiful tiles
  • ✔ Best on-line deals for your recent searched products